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The COGITA Regional Good Practices


The  Regional Good Practices provide a list of good practices already successfully experimented elsewhere. 

Learn how other authorities/intermediaries have successfully implemented CSR actions locally or regionally.

Choose a topic and read about the Regional Good Practices:

  • GP1: C.I.S.E., Italy
    TOPIC: Awareness raising, Communication on CSR engagement, CSR guidelines and stakeholder-based monitoring systems
    TITLE: Impresa Etica 
    Learn more
  • GP2: C.I.S.E., Italy
    TOPIC: CSR Monitoring, Communication and Stakeholder Involvement. 
    TITLE: The Social Accountability Watch 
    Learn more
  • GP3: Lower Austrian Government, Department of Business, Tourism and Technology, Lower Austria
    TOPIC: Integration of CSR into the (political) economic strategy until the year 2015 through a broad stakeholder participation process
    TITLE: Integration of CSR into the Lower Austrian Economic Strategy 2015.
    Learn more
  • GP4: Lower Austrian Government, Department of Business, Tourism and Technology, Lower Austria
    TOPIC: Sustainable Public Procurement; web based support tools
    TITLE: N.Check - Sustainable Public Procurement
    Learn more 
  • GP5: Lower Austrian Government, Department of Business, Tourism and Technology, Lower Austria
    TOPIC: Developing sustainable products and services in a close cooperation between enterprises and social institutions 
    TITLE: Social Production for Enterprises - Value Creation Through Appreciation
    Learn more 
  • GP6: Lower Austrian Government, Department of Business, Tourism and Technology, Lower Austria
    TOPIC: A consulting project to support SMEs to define their CSR strategy and to write their sustainability report
    TITLE: Succes and Responsibility
    Learn more
  • GP7: Lower Austrian Government, Department of Business, Tourism and Technology
    TOPIC: CSR Communication and Awareness raising
    TITLE: TRIGOS - Austia's Leading CSR Awards. 
    Learn more 
  • GP8: Regional Council, Pierre Villeneauve, Bretagne, France
    TOPIC: Sustainable regional public procurement 
    TITLE: Public procurement and sustainable development in Brittany
    Learn more 
  • GP9: BDI – Bretagne Développement Innovation, France
    TOPIC: Social Innovation programme
    TITLE: Social Innovation in Brittany 
    Learn more
  • GP10: Bretagne, France
    TOPIC: Methodology to integrate CSR in SME’s through collective action between firms
    TITLE: Sustainable Development Performance Bretagne
    Learn more 
  • GP11: Athens University of Economics and Business, Research Centre
    TOPIC: Evaluating levels of CSR in SMEs; Support to public decision makers for designing CSR policy and funding measures
    TITLE: Methodology and Online Tool for assessing the impact of CSR on SME competitiveness
    Learn more 
  • GP12: Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cyprus
    TOPIC: Promoting environmental awareness and encouraging Cypriot businesses to contribute to environmental protection
    TITLE: Crysofylli Drys- Gold-leaf Oak
    Learn more 
  • GP13: Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
    TOPIC: Stakeholder cooperation to promote the CSR concept at national level
    TITLE: Cyprus CSR Network
    Learn more
  • GP14: Green Network, Denmark
    TOPIC: Tools for CSR reporting
    TITLE: Manuals for SMEs to report their environmental and social responsibilities
    Learn more
  • GP15: Green Network, Denmark
    TOPIC: Green Network has developed a concept for seminars for CSR/sustainability reporting. The seminars can support the work with the Green Network manuals for reporting
    TITLE: Seminars for CSR/sustainability reporting
    Learn more
  • GP16: Birmingham City Council, England
    TOPIC: Finditinbirmingham (FIIB) is an online procurement portal that aims to boost business activity throughout the region by bringing real business opportunities from both public and private sectors.
    TITLE: Find It In Birmingham (www.finditinbirmingham.com)
    Learn more
  • GP17: Eindhoven City Council, Germany
    TOPIC: A yearly award to put SME’s who operate in a sustainable way in the spotlight and at the same time stimulate other businesses to follow
    TITLE: Sustainable Entrepreneur Award Eindhoven
    Learn more 

  • GP18: Consell General de Cambres de Catalunya, Spain
    TOPIC: S
    upport to large companies and their suppliers to bring greater transparency to the supply chain and promote sustainability reporting among SMEs
    TITLE: tRanSparÈncia. CSR in the supply chain
    Learn more 
  • GP19: Local Development Agency in Gliwice, Poland
    TOPIC: Financial support for start-ups provided by various institutions in Gliwice sub-region, with focus on disadvantaged target groups, i.e. women and young people (graduates)
    TITLE: SME funding initiatives in Gliwice sub-region
    Learn more 
  • GP20: DAR, Flanders
    TOPIC: Sustainable public procurement
    TITLE: First Flemish Sustainable Public Procurement Action Plan
    Learn more
  • GP21: The City of Ghent, Flanders
    TOPIC: Sustainable strategic public procurement
    TITLE: Ghent, A Leading Consumer
    Learn more 
  • GP22: Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce, Flanders
    TOPIC: CSR capacity building from experts towards SME’s, exchange of experience on CSR between SMEs in network groups.
    TITLE: Quadrant learning networks
    Learn more
  • GP23: Consell General de Cambres de Catalunya, Spain
    TOPIC: CSR in SMEs and cooperatives
    TITLE: RSE.pime –RSE.coop. Responsible management, sustainable business
    Learn more 
    TOPIC: Incorporation of CSR into companies that are beneficiaries of leader grants, as a strategy to guarantee the sustainable development of a local territory
    TITLE: Gestió Sostenible Rural. INCORPORATION OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) in small and medium enterprises in the territories Leader
    Learn more  

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