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News and Events 2013



November 2013: COGITA PROJECT – MEETING 6 / Steering Committee 11th / 12th November 2013

Hosted by Partner 11: Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

The participants lists and presentations for the meeting are available on the project Intranet.


October 3013: COGITA Political Forum (Open Days Events in Brussel)

COGITA POLITICAL FORUM Socially Responsible and Sustainable Public Procurement

9th October 201310.00 – 13.00

Eurocities Headquarters, Luxembourg Room, Square de Meeûs 1, Brussels

During the Open Days in Brussels, the COGITA project continues debate on how public authorities can support CSR in SMEs in achieving the Europe 2020 goals for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.

The COGITA Political Forum, as part of the Open Days theme ”Challenges and solutions” and as a forum for inspiration on how to deal with challenges of Europe’s regions and cities, will focus on the theme of socially responsible and sustainable public procurement.

June 2013:
COGITA PROJECT – MEETING 5 / Steering Committee
4th / 5th / 6th June 2013
Hosted by Partner 6: Birmingham City Council, UK

At the 4th project meeting, a training session about Communication and Branding was held at the Jaguar Visitor Centre. Also an interesting afternoon with visit at the Willmott Dixon 4Life Academy and also at the famous Cleone Foods, the leading manufacturer of Caribbean Patties in the UK. The theme for the visit was how to act as a responsible company and Academy.

The project group was working with speed dating about good Practice and tools for feasibility studies.

Mai 2013:

COGITA event in Bretagne. The 6 of may in La Baie de Douarnenez. A round table was organise with COGITA RSC members and SME's of Bretagne. It aims to present the regional dynamic around CSR and testimonies of SME's on their CSR strategy. See the review



April 2013: Guidelines for responsible public procurement in Denmark 

Thinking socially responsible should be easier for public procurement officers. With this objective, cooperation between the Danish Business Authority, Local Government Denmark, The Danish Regions, The Danish Ministry of Environment and the Agency for Modernisation of Public Administration has recently been established in order to develop a common tool that is accessible to all public procurement officers.

According to the involved partners, social responsibility in public procurement is about taking requirements of environmental issues and energy assessment, social and ethical issues into consideration. These are complicated areas; hence the goal is to develop a tool that can create coherence and clarity. Legislation will not be changed, so the objective is to develop common guidelines for responsible public procurement.

The new tool for responsible public procurement will be launched in August 2013.

Green Network, Denmark


March 2013: How best to advise smaller enterprises on the issue of social responsibility? What works and what to avoid?

There is a wealth of ground level experience from inspirational people in different parts of the European Union. We have tried to capture that experience and inspiration in a new publication: "Tips and Tricks for Advisers: corporate social responsibility and small and medium-sized enterprises".  It contains numerous ideas and web-based resources from people who know what it's like to work in a practical, effective way with the owners, managers and employees of smaller businesses.

The publication is available here, in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/sustainable-business/corporate-social-responsibility/sme/index_en.htm

CSR Team


March 2013: Project Meeting IV, Ghent (BE) – 7th-8th March 2013

At the 4th project meeting, the cooperation on identifying challenges and solutions for public authorities to assist SMEs in working on CSR was continue. As a next step, the project component concerning feasibility studies was launched at the meeting.


Joint Event in Brussels – 6th March 2013

In March 2013 COGITA hosted a joint event with other projects in Brussels (BE). The aim of the event was to:

1. exchange ideas and knowledge with other projects working on similar themes as COGITA, in order to identify synergy and identify opportunities for future cooperation

2. build capacity among CSR operators in participative methods of exchange and engagement

3. lay the foundations for a EU wide network of responsible local authorities working in the field of CSR

COGITA had invited the following four, likeminded projects to participate:

  • DESUR – Developing Sustainable Regions through Responsible SMEs (www.desur.eu)
  • FaRInn – Facilitating Responsible Innovation in SEE countries (www.farinn.euwebsite under construction)
  • CCIC – Complex Challenges, Innovative Cities (information can be found on www.arcfund.net/index.php?id=2091  – official website under construction)
  • Innomot – Improving Regional Policies promoting and motivating non-technological Innovation in SMESs (http://innomot.net)

For further information about the event, please contact Lead Partner Giulia Bubbolini at CISE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Report - Wednesday the 6 of March 2013 - Brussels


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