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Upper Silesia (PL)


Local Development Agency Gliwice

Local Development Agency (ARL) was established in 1999. ARL’s main activities concern business support, including management of 2 incubators and provision of training, in areas such as: business plans, marketing and financial auditing. ARL is also involved in local planning activities, from example the municipality rehabilitation plan and its investment guidelines. ARL also provides investment assistance largely through its project implementation unit. The Agency is involved in implementation of regional- and national-level EU-funded projects, concentrating on professional consulting services in the field of innovation, strategic management and marketing. The Company also focuses on SMEs development, basically by supporting start-ups with financial resources and informational means (training, consulting).


Our CSR experience
Our CSR experience is limited to inside HR activities, ecological expertise within following environmental issues like waste management, low emission, company green procurements rules, ISO 14 000, EMAS.

One of the key factors of CSR in ARL’s activity was implementing a project dedicated only for women who – according to European research – are disadvantaged on the labour market. Therefore, in 2010 and 2011 there was carried out an activity by which 32 women were granted financial support of ca. 10 000€ which was spent on establishing their own microenterprises.

COGITA will allow ARL to learn the lessons from most experienced partners from other EU member states in order to benefit SMEs and oneself with improved CSR practices.


Our CSR priorities
In promoting CSR at regional level, ARL priorities are:

  • To raise awareness of CSR within SMEs, public authorities and non-government organizations,
  • To increase internal capacity to apply integrated CSR approach within SMEs,
  • To provide tools and incentives in green public procurement,
  • To promote CSR in managing an enterprise (mainly in marketing, HR, regional supply chain) as important element of gaining competitive advantage in long term





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