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Bretagne (F)


Bretagne Innovation (F)

“Bretagne Development Innovation is the regional economic and innovation agency of Bretagne (west of France). It is in charge of the strategic and operational governance in 5 areas: development of sector strategies, development of innovation, strengthening the international development, implementation of an ambitious and attractive image, development of entrepreneurial initiative.

Bretagne Development Innovation encourages Breton economic stakeholders to work together and plays a role in the leadership and coordination of regional economic development and innovation strategy. BDI achieves this through forecasting, strategic and operational governance, networking events, surveillance, structural programs, project engineering, and promotional activities.

Three main objectives:

  • Structuring strong industries for greater competitiveness
  • Expanding businesses’ innovation potential
  • Management and implementation of the economic attractiveness strategy

 Our Experience and Expertise in the Field of CSR

In the frame of the innovation support activities, the regional agency is in charge of the promotion of social innovation within regional firms, relying on the stakeholders represented in the agency (social partners, ARACT – regional agency for improvement of working conditions, CRES – regional chamber of social economy ). The regional agency is in charge of defining an action plan and encourage implementation of experimental initiatives. The Corporate Social Responsibility is a key topic in this reflection.

In previous interregional cooperation experiences, Bretagne Innovation has worked on the concept of CSR. For example, in the framework of Erik Action (previous European project), Bretagne Innovation contributed to the CSR thematic group (transfer group of Tuscan good practice Fabrica Ethica, which evolved to a multi-lateral exchange). Good practices have been identified, like the regional initiative P2D which support SMEs’ managers in a strategic step of reflexion about CSR issues, and the regional networks PBE+ aiming to promote an environmental approach in Breton SMEs and PBRH+ aiming to increase the competitiveness of Breton SMEs by providing them a collective support on common human resources issues.

The Breton regional agency will contribute to cooperation within the practice by sharing a number of regional  good practices and will benefit from the experience of other EU regions in promoting CSR to define and implement new approaches.

Our Priorities in the Field of CSR

  • To convince companies that CSR is a guarantee of social and economic performance
  • To develop specific tools for SME’s, who have limited time and means (trainings, firm network, grids…)
  • To build a coherent global ecosystem, favoring the development of social innovations
  • To support traditional companies on new partnerships with companies in the social and solidarity economy in particular

To increase the integration, wherever possible, of the CSR in the coaching of BDI and Regional Council with companies”

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