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Flanders (B)


Enterprise Flanders  - Flanders Agency for Economy (B)

Enterprise Flanders is the Flemish  Governments agency responsible for the execution of the Flemish policy towards SME’s. Enterprise Flanders operates under the responsibility of the Flemish minister for economy, foreign policy, agriculture and rural policy.

Enterprise Flanders wants to be the driving force behind promotion of more, better and greener entrepreneurship in Flanders.

Therefore Enterprise Flanders focuses on themes such as strategic management; business financing; location;  environment and energy efficiency; design and intellectual property rights;

Enterprise Flanders supports intermediates such as business organizations and local authorities and encourages entrepreneurship through provision of subsidies. Examples of support to business organizations are the so-called  “Calls”  to finance projects on “Mentorship”, projects to narrow the gap between economy and education.

Enterprise Flanders is the main source for information and advice on government measures and incentives for enterprises, complementary to business organizations. Specific tools were developed to support entrepreneurs.

Enterprise Flanders encourages entrepreneurship through the provision of financial support. An  overall subsidy budget of around 250 million euro can be used for business advice, training, environmental investments,..

Enterprise Flanders also hosts the Enterprise Europe Network and functions as the managing authority for ERDF objective 2 and 3 in Flanders.


Our CSR experience
In this project we are in close cooperation with our colleagues of the Flemish department of work and social economics (WSE). WSE coordinates the Flemish policy on social economy and corporate social responsibility.

While the focus of Enterprise Flanders  is mainly economic and environmental, WSE focuses on social aspects and the awareness and knowledge of CSR.

WSE created “MVO Vlaanderen”. This is a network that gathers all partners and knowledge on corporate social responsibility and entrepreneurship. This platform includes both public and private sector organizations.

Enterprise Flanders developed  tools for efficient environmental management and provides grants for the ecological investments of business.

Enterprise Flanders  also supports the development of  industrial estate management on certain industrial site.

Industrial estate management is the collaboration of firms which are located on the same industrial site. By collaborating collective facilities such as co-buying,  waste heat transfer, water purification, child care can be organized

The aim of the subvention is not only to stimulate the development  of industrial estate management but also to widen their objectives from cost savings to CSR. 

Our CSR priorities
Enterprise Flanders (EF) wants  to collaborate closer with the Department of Work and Social Economy (WSE) in particular on the theme of CSR. Since the policy responsibilities on this topic are fragmented a closer cooperation can be triggered through the project. WSE has focuses on the social aspect of companies, while EF is focusing on economic and environmental aspects. By combing both an integrated concept of CSR can be realized.

The interest of Enterprise Flanders in the project goes to different models of cooperation between different policies and to  applying CSR criteria in rewarding projectproposals and subventions.

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