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Catalonia (E)


The General Council of the Catalan Chambers of Commerce is a consultative and collaboration organization with public administration, endowed with legal personality and autonomy of both performance and economical. Represents, promotes and defends the general interests of commerce, industry and navigation skills and enjoy administrative and public functions. All their actions and initiatives are aimed at promoting and defending the general interests of companies.

The Council was created by Law 14/2002, to coordinate the activities of all the rooms and ensure Catalan joint dialogue with the main institutions of the country. It consists of the 13 Chambers of Commerce operating in Catalonia and coordinates the activities of internationalization of Catalan companies and other actions carried out jointly proposing measures and actions for the promotion and defense of general economic interests they represent.

EXPERIENCE in the field of CSR

Since 2008, the Council has established a close collaboration with the regional government of Catalonia to promote CSR among SMEs. The Council considers CSR as a strategy of consolidation and strengthening of SMEs and as a strategy to strengthen the Catalan territory.

The collaboration with the regional government has allowed two innovative programs around the world:

RSEPIME: innovative project of implementation of CSR in SMEs. The program was provided that 30 SMEs incorporate CSR into their business strategy. Website: www.rsepime.cat

Transparency: Council in collaboration with the regional government and the Global Reporting Initiative are pushing a project to work on CSR throughout the supply chain of large multinationals. The project is pioneer in the world and serves to identify Catalonia as an innovative region in the creation of a shared responsibility between 11 large companies, 62 SMEs and governments to promote a sustainable and responsible competitiveness of their companies. Website: www.transparencia.cat


Create a partnership to promote CSR in Catalunya.

- Training for SMEs.

- Create tools to integrate CSR in enterprises’ strategies and daily processes

Promote reliable and cost-effective CSR monitoring systems,

Disseminate good practices.

Exchange of experiences with regional partners (companies, government ...) and international


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