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Attica (GR)


Athens University of Economics and Business AUEB-RC (Greece))

The Business Communication Laboratory (BCL) of the Athens University of Economics and Business was founded in 1992. The mission of BCL is to be established as a world-class research, executive training, and consulting excellence center for the purpose of improving and enhancing business communication for faculty, students, business leaders, managers, private companies, public institutions and organizations, and sponsors.

More specifically, the main objectives of BCL are to:

  • Advance the state-of-the art research in business communication issues.
  • Promote the collaboration with research centers and academic institutions in Greece and abroad.
  • Publicize and disseminate the research outputs produced by the members of the Lab.
  • Support the undergraduate as well as the graduate teaching activities of the Department’s faculty.
  • Support the Ph.D. students of the Department in successfully completing their doctoral studies.
  • Organize executive training and seminars, conferences, symposiums, and lectures.
  • Provide consulting services (e.g., market research studies) for solving business communication problems for private and public enterprises.


CSR experience

The CSR research group of Business Communication Laboratory and its staff have significant teaching and research experience in CSR-related issues and have participated in a number of projects funded from the European Commission. The CSR research and teaching efforts of BCL are led by Professor Eleni Apospori who is the scientific responsible for two CSR related projects namely:


  • Responsible MED (Regional Policies for Responsible Development in the Mediterranean Area) and
  • COGITA (Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility through Public Policy).


Furthermore, Professor Apospori has been involved in other projects addressing social responsibility issues such as social exclusion and equal opportunities. Two indicative projects are:


  • Family Structure, Labour Market Participation and the Dynamics of Social Exclusion, DG ΧΙΙ, Τargeted Socioeconomic Research (TSER) Programme
  • Self-employment Activities, Concerning Women and Minorities: Their Success or Failure in Relation to Social Citizenship Policies, DG ΧΙΙ, Τargeted Socioeconomic Research (TSER) Programme

In addition, the Laboratory has participated in research projects focused on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) such as the ADAPT Electronic Trade program for studying the effects of electronic commerce on small and medium sized companies and the “Go Online” program of the Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Handicraft for fostering e-commerce business for SMEs.

Our CSR priorities

The major thrust of the CSR related research activities is centered on the study of: gender issues, work-life balance, social inclusion, CSR program development and performance assessment, CSR capacity building, and communication. The research group on CSR issues supervises and supports Ph.D. Dissertations and Master Theses on CSR issues. In addition to research, laboratory members are teaching courses addressing CSR issues, and are active participants in CSR diffusion, application, and dissemination activities organized by non-governmental non-profit organizations by acting as evaluators of CSR programs and presenting research results to relevant conferences and workshops. Finally, the BCL-CSR research group is active in building cooperation between SMEs, public agencies, in order to promote the adoption of CSR and transfer know-how to SMEs (Responsible MED Tool) and public organizations (COGITA) on issues related to CSR program development and assessment. Among our priorities is to contribute (through our research) to the dialogue that will lead to the development of the National CSR policy and to facilitate the adoption of CSR by public and private organizations in Greece.

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